CollabWorkx is a cutting-edge work management platform that streamlines collaboration, boosts productivity, and drives success for enterprises of all kinds. Our platform is founded on the ideas of connectedness, efficiency, and adaptability, allowing businesses to work smarter and achieve their objectives in a secure environment.

The leadership team

CollabWorkx leadership team is committed to empowering teams to accomplish their most impactful work by centralizing and innovating with the industry's leading tools, all while prioritizing privacy and security.


Bevon Moore

Bevon Moore serves as the founder and CEO of CollabWorkx. In this role, Bevon is committed to developing a product that secures and unites people and collaborators seeking to achieve their objectives within a secure environment. Before establishing CollabWorkx, Bevon had a career in the Navy, Lockheed Martin, and co-founded Hashtiv Social Media and ElevateU.


Alan Gonzalez

Alan holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at CollabWorkx, where he oversees the technology strategy and product-related functions, including product management, design, and user research. Prior to joining CollabWorkx, Alan gained experience at Discovery, Maqsa CAT, FEMSA, and Hashtiv.


Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin is a principal and founder at Prodigy Capital Consulting, and along with an extremely talented team, is the Executive Director of The Incubation Network. Prodigy was formed from the business units of Franklin and Associates, Jim’s private investment banking consulting firm, and Monticello Capital, a specialty investment bank in Northern Virginia, with which Jim remains an active associate.


David Bray

David is a natural leader known for driving transformative change in high-pressure situations where technology, data, and people intersect. He excels in diverse teams that demand innovative business approaches to achieve rational and impactful outcomes. His achievements led to recognition by Business Insider, which named him one of the "24 Americans Who Are Changing the World."

Tony Aghazarian

Tony has dedicated most of her career to roles at Apple and Sony Electronics. Tony has been part of the releases of significant products such as the first iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, iPod Touch, and the Sony Trinitron (21").